Promotional Products (Pens,Mugs, Apparel, Give Away's, Gifts,)
Brandiatrics was created to help your brand sell your products and services. It was created to build an entire division around branding and to support our customers concepts and ideas. Now you shouldn’t trust your brand’s success to just any old marketing company. Brandiatrics was formed by a creative marketing company called CR Digital Design, Inc. to help treat unhealthy branding.  CR Digital Design has been helping companies to solidify their branding, creating effective marketing solutions, and offer the BEST promotional products available. We invite you to browse out online store of over 300,000 promotional products, all of which can be ordered in a secure payment gateway!
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Full Color Printing (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, Tent Cards, Sell Sheets and much more)
CR Digital Design specializes in providing you with the highest quality business and consumer full color printing for the most affordable price. With unbelievable turnaround times, the best quality paper and our loyal customer base, CR Digital Design has become the fast growing printing resource.
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Business Stationary (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Announcements, Thanks You Cards)
Your business stationary speaks for your company's identity and professionalism. At CR Digital Design, we provide our customers with several printing processes in order to achieve your greatest desired result.

  • Thermography - Thermography is a printing process that creates special raised effects in printing stationery without the high cost of engraving dies.
  • Lithography - Lithography (flat printing) is a printing process in which the image area is neither raised nor depressed.
  • Digital Printing - Digital printing is any type of printing process that utilizes electronic files to produce a printed piece from dots of ink or toner. The printed piece is created directly from a computer file without the need for film or conventional printing plates.
  • Embossing - Embossing is generally an ink free process in which a design or text is pushed into the back of the paper using pressure. The resulting appearance on the front of the paper is a raised representation of the intended design.
  • Engraving - Engraving is a process using pressure and ink that resembles embossing in nature. The resulting appearance is a slightly raised ink.
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Corporate Ease Program (Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope and Promotional Products Programs)
A Single Resource makes ordering business stationery online easy. We enable you to design a website for your business. While the products are formatted, the information is personalized. After the site is set up, you can place orders, reorders, view e-mail proofs, check an order status, and much more. Many administrative and approval tools are available to ease ordering. Best of all, it is not product specific. You have the option to include as many products as necessary. It’s all about your business and what you need!
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Greeting Cards (Holiday Cards, Thanksgiving Cards, Birthday Cards)
Our extensive Holiday Card collection has been a huge success year after year. Once again, CR Digital Design is proud to present you with only the finest in holiday greeting cards and calendars. Nothing says thank you better then our personalized cards. Your Holiday Cards can be personalized with a verse of your choice, your name, and a return address for your envelopes, in a variety of ink or foil colors. Optional type styles for your name imprint are also available. Instant online proofing of your verse, imprint, color and type style selections makes sure you are satisfied before your purchase. Use the links below to take advantage of our great discounts and avoid the Holiday rush by ordering online today.
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Social Events (Wedding Invitations, Reception Cards, Save the Date Cards)
You can expect superior quality and service from CR Digital Design. We maintain the highest standards in printing to ensure your complete and total satisfaction. If you have any questions about what to order, how to word your invitation, or any other matter, please feel free to contact us. We are available to help you. To get started on your journey to find the perfect social materials, just click on any of the links below. Ordering is easy and you can even preview your invitation with your own wording, in the exact ink color and lettering style of your choice. Let CR Digital Design help capture your special day with our social printing services. Place your order directly online and save!
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